Start Smart With A Service Plan

SUV’s are tough and durable vehicles, even luxury models like the Yukon, but like other autos, they usually perform best when they receive regular service. The service team at Old Mill GM believes providing your auto with the best possible care might include a few service recommendations.

Plan a Maintenance Schedule

At the time of purchase, consider including a warranty. Some warranties might offer lower maintenance and repair rates, so it could be worthwhile to discuss this opportunity with your dealership. A maintenance schedule has the benefit of ensuring your car receives periodic inspections and wear and tear issues can be caught early.

Read the Owner’s Manual

An owner’s manual is a great introduction to the features and service tips for your car. You might even be surprised by some functions your car offers, and you didn’t know. Familiarize yourself with some of the maintenance guidelines. These are metrics you can use to monitor your car’s performance.

Check the Fluids Regularly

In referring to fluids, it’s not just oil and coolant to check, but also windshield wiper fluid. You’ll want to check your car’s fluid consumption for two reasons. First, you don’t want the fluid levels to get too low and possibly affect your car’s performance. Next, you’re more likely to spot any irregularity in fluid consumption.

Expect a Long Life

A long life for your 2018 GMC Yukon from Old Mill GM can be a simple process of following a few car care guidelines. Include a warranty at the time of purchase, plan a maintenance schedule with your mechanic, periodically check your car’s fluids, and familiarize yourself with the owner’s manual. Your car is an investment and taking the time to follow these suggestions could pay off in longevity for your car.

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