If Your Cadillac Could Talk What Would It Reveal About You?

Cars may not actually talk, but they can make certain statements about their drivers. For example, a 2017 Cadillac ATS-V Sedan communicates a message of performance that might speak to our inner Andretti and challenge its European competitors. In fact, this powerful version of the standard ATS has great appeal for drivers seeking luxury wrapped up in an athlete’s body. There are several reasons why this Cadillac model is likely a favorite among driving enthusiasts and image-aware consumers.


In car lingo, the “V” refers to a V-shaped engine known for a compact styling popular in muscle cars. However, for the ATS-V, you could say the V stands for vigor. The V model is built on the same platform as GM’s iconic Camaro, which some enthusiasts might recall as a legendary performance car. Then it might not come as a surprise that the ATS-V’s power-packed engine equips the car with agile acceleration.

Masterful Handling

The car’s balanced steering offers smooth handling which enables the ATS-V to tackle both straightaways and curves with dexterity and finesse. The car grips corners making windy roads and turns effortless and comfortable for driver and passenger and confidence in the auto’s ability to deftly respond to changes in road conditions.

Appealing Style

The ATS is a new style of Cadillac shaped to appeal to today’s modern consumer. Packed with a goodie bag of mobile technology, the urban auto offers a sleek, chiseled profile that denotes the model’s muscled performance. Conveying the sleek design of its European counterparts, this model combines sportiness with stylish cache that would likely appeal to accomplished achievers.

A New Era

Cadillac has transformed itself into a hip, fresh version that would appeal to individuals who seek an elegant performance car. Defying the dominance of its European counterparts, the 2017 Cadillac ATS-V offers the quality and craftmanship of a classic brand at Old Mill GM.

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